I’ve been one of the lucky people to get a sneak peak … or should I say taste! Artisan’s Palate isn’t officially open yet, but I’ve attended a few pre-opening gatherings for charities and social events. In a word, Scrumptious! I’m not one for those stuffy, high-end restaurants with the weird concoctions nor would I consider myself to have a refined “palate” (pun intended), but I have to say, this chef got it right. I don’t know how she does it, but the combinations of food you would never dream to put together are fantastically swirled into this pile of yumminess! I hate oysters and dislike Indian food, but not when Artisan’s Palate makes it! Curry chicken salad … couldn’t get enough … who would have thought! Whenever I hear Artisan’s Palate is serving, I make sure to attend starved! – Steph Kronen